Carolina Alegria

She’s a passionate soul. With an incredible will to live fully. Carolina has come a long way till today. She was born in Chile, and moved to Canada in 1989. She studied massage therapy with Kiné-Concept, in 2005, practiced a little and then dedicated herself to business management in the hotel and restaurant area where she was working at the time. She discovered through her travels her passion for landscape photography and it pushed her to leave everything behind, and to follow her heart and to pursue her dream of discovering the world . At the same time, heartbroken from an important relationship, she met Yoga, and they clearly became connaissances…Then friends…. and she felt completely in love with the practice. Through her presence on the mat, she found a safe place where to let go, to relax, to find silence inside. She not only got to reconnect with her body, her breath, but she also used the practice as a self healing tool, helping her to make peace with difficult previous situations. She committed to the Modo Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. Following the path of yoga, more precious secrets were revealed to her. Meditation, Pranayama aka Breath work, Community….Since then, she’ve continued her learning, convinced that she will be a life long student. She’s passionate about Traditional Chinese Medecine, yoga psychology, photography, books, meditation and most of all, listening to people.

She has been teaching at the Modo Yoga Montreal studio for now 5 years, and also had the opportunity to teach in Paris, France.

She’s looking forward to teach in Spanish, in Santiago, Chile this winter.

Her passion for yoga, and the body, brought her to come back to massage therapy, and then, she started MassYoga in 2015, massage and yoga services. She continued to pursue her learnings and followed the Reiki Master training which she completed this year, 2018.

The next step? Acupuncture or Osteopathy are very tempting :)